A beautiful mixed mutt


Born before 1974 - July 1982

a very special dog...you know the kind I mean

a striking grey cat


Born before 1980 -

we didn't know her long, she got lost a long time ago

 an all white cat with yellow eyes


December 1982 - March 31, 1996

a cat among cats, she was the dearest friend I've had in my life


March 1981 - December 18, 1996

let's just say she had a mind of her own!

Weirdly Gruesome, a giant white and brown spotted cat

Weirdly Gruesome

August 14, 1983 - April 26, 1997

a 22lb immense cat with a face only a
mother could love....and I did

Obie, a mixed Doberman


August 1987 - June, 1997

my daughters dog but I still considered
him a member of my pet family

Casey, a mixed yellow lab


November 1988 - September 28, 1997

the lights were on, but nobody was home
.....we still loved him

a a pretty grey cat


Birthdate unknown - April 10, 2000

a sophisticat!

a white cat with turquoise eyes


August 14, 1983 - May 1, 2000

a sweet and beautiful little girl with turquoise eyes

Bonnie, a black and white mixed terrier


May 1989 - November 19, 2003

la primadonna

a multi-color grey and black and white cat

Mr. Spock

a pretty gold and white cat


Born about 1994 - September 21, 2005

one of a kind is an understatement!!!

a sultry all black cat with yellow eyes


Born May 1994 - October 27, 2005

one of the most gentle and beautiful creatures I ever met

a grey and white cat


Born about 1990 - February 15, 2006

a shy but loving girl

Harry, breed unknown

Harry (aka Dirty Harry)

Born about 1993 - April 24, 2009

I'll stick to the old rule "if you can't say anything good about someone,
don't say anything at all"............

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