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Irish Heritage Centers & Societies

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Northern Ireland Resources

Northern Ireland and UK, Births, Baptisms, Deaths & Marriages Exchange

North of Ireland Family History Society

PRONI: Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) is the official place of deposit for public records in Northern Ireland. PRONI hold millions of documents which relate chiefly, but by no means exclusively, to present-day Northern Ireland. The earliest record dates from 1219, with the main concentration of records covering the period 1600 to the present day.

Ulster Historical Foundation
The Ulster Historical Foundation is a non-profit making organisation, founded in 1956 to promote interest in Irish history and genealogy, with particular reference to the province of Ulster. UHF offers a comprehensive ancestral research service, publishes books on Irish history and genealogy, organises conferences and lecture tours and runs a membership club (Guild).

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Resources by County

One stop research sources for census returns & substitutes, local history, local journals, directories, gravestone inscriptions, estate records, placenames, searchable databases, surname lists, mailing lists, queries, maps, religious and parish records and more.


County Antrim Genealogy Page (Original Ireland GenWeb Project)

County Antrim Genealogy Page (Northern Ireland GenWeb Project)

Co.Antrim's Main Web Page

1851 Census of Antrim
An online searchable database of fragments of the 1851 census

County Antrim (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Armagh Genealogy Page (Northern Ireland GenWeb Project)

County Armagh (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Carlow Genealogy Page (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Carlow (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Cavan Genealogy Notes Page

County Cavan (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Killeshandra History Pages, County Cavan


County Clare GenWeb Page (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Clare (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Clare/Tipperary: Marriage License Bonds in Killaloe
1680-1720 and 1760-1762


County Cork GenWeb (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Cork (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Derry Genealogy Page (Northern IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Derry (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Donegal GenWeb (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Donegal (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Donegal Queries

Donegal Roots
A bulletin board with Donegal posts and queries

Donegal Genealogy Resources
This website is a compilation of 18th & 19th century resources, related to genealogical research in Donegal,
which have been transcribed over the last 6 years.
Here you will find over 1000 pages of transcriptions compiled or submitted to date.
TRULY EXCELLENT, don't miss this one!

Kilcar Genealogy Home Page
This site is a resource for those interested in finding their ancestors from Kilcar, Co. Donegal, Ireland.


County Down Genealogy Page (Northern IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Down (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Dublin Genealogy Page (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Dublin (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

1850 City Directory of Dublin


County Fermanagh Genealogy Page (Northern Ireland GenWeb Project)

County Fermanagh (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


Beagh Parish: Catholic Baptisms 1855-1856

County Galway Genealogy Page (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Galway (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Graveyard Inscriptions: Shananglish, Galway
Inscriptions from the Pre-Famine Graveyard, Shanaglish,Beagh Parish,Galway. This graveyard is situated in the village of Shanaglish, near the Church and old graveyard. It is enclosed by a mortared stone wall and gates have been erected at the entrance.

Griffiths Valuation On-Line:
The Inhabitants of Beagh Parish, Co. Galway circa 1850

Priests of Beagh Parish:1704-1988

Townlands of Beagh Parish, Galway & the Prevailing Surnames

Workmans Account Book: Beagh Parish

Baptisms, Marriages, Directories, Census Records and more of various Galway parishes.


A Dingle, County Kerry Genealogy Helper
County Kerry Ireland genealogy help page with a focus on the Dingle Peninsula. Includes pertinent Book lists, Irish interest book stores, important Kerry addresses, resources and web sites. Links to Griffiths data and the 1835 Religious census for the Ballyferriter Parish on the Dingle Peninsula

County Kerry Ireland (IrelandGenWeb Project)
Genealogy resources for County Kerry, including maps, civil parish lists, pertinent books and resources.

County Kerry (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Kildare Page (Ireland Genealogy Project-IGP)

County Kildare Page (Ireland GenWeb Project)

County Kildare (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Kilkenny (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Kilkenny (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGENe)


County Laois(Queens)(IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Laois (Queens) (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


Leitrim-Roscommon Genealogy Home Page
A surname database and bulletin board, census transcriptionas, maps, Griffiths database and lots more!

County Leitrim Genealogy Pages (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Leitrim (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Limerick (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Limerick (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Monumental Inscriptions in the
Church of Ireland Parish Graveyard at Rathkeale

Limerick Taxes, Directories, Will Abstracts, Religious Census and more!


County Longford (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Longford (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Records in Co. Longford Parish Registers, deeds, freeholders' lists, etc. 1600s to 1922


County Louth (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Louth Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

County Louth Message Boards (Ancestry.com)


County Mayo (Original IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Mayo (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Mayo (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Introducing County Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland

Genealogy in Mayo

Marriage License Bonds, Directories, Census, Baptisms, Wills


County Meath (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Meath (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Monaghan (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Monaghan (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)
Names. pedigrees, resources and more, an excellent, useful, well designed site!!!


County Offaly (Kings) Genealogy (Original IrelandGenWeb Project(1996))

County Offaly (Kings) Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Offaly (Kings) (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


Leitrim-Roscommon Genealogy Home Page
A surname database and bulletin board, maps, Griffiths database and more!

County Roscommon Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Roscommon (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

St. John's Parish: Surname: Brennan, Baptisms circa 1840 thru 1880,
plus Brennan Civil Registrations of Births and Deaths

Welcome To Ballykilcline; Webite with eviction databases and ships....lovely site!


County Sligo Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Sligo (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Tipperary Historical Society

Genealogy in County Tipperary

Aid to Genealogical Research in Clogheen & District, Tipperary

County Tipperary Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Tipperary (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

Tipperary/Clare: Marriage License Bonds in Killaloe
1680-1720 and 1760-1762


County Tyrone Baptismal Records
168 Roman Catholic Baptismal records from County Tyrone, Ireland circa 1830 thru 1866

Tyrone Civil & Religious Parishes
A list of civil & religious parishes within Co. Tyrone as well as the Barony & Union for the civil parish.

County Tyrone, N. Ireland Genealogy Page (Northern IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Tyrone (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Waterford Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Waterford (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


Westmeath Message Boards (Ancestry.com)

County Westmeath Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Westmeath (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Wexford Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Wexford (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)


County Wicklow Genealogy (IrelandGenWeb Project)

County Wicklow (Irish Ancestors, Formerly IRLGEN)

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Irish Genealogy Resources

A Little Bit of Ireland

Cyndi's List Of Genealogy Sites on the Internet:
Ireland & Northern Ireland

Ireland Births, Baptisms, Deaths & Marriages Exchange
The goal of the Ireland Births or baptism, Deaths and Marriages Exchange is to provide to genealogists a free resource for sharing information about details contained on birth or baptismal, death and marriage certificates registered in Ireland

Ireland Bulletin Boards

Ireland Genealogy: World GenWeb Project

Irish American Archives of America (Ohio Based)

Irish Ancestors
Irish Ancestors is a comprehensive genealogical guide for those interested in exploring their Irish heritage. You can trace the roots of your surname, pinpoint your place of origin and get a personalised guide to the records relevant to your ancestors.

The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARRA)
National Resources, Emigration and Passenger Lists, Local and Regional Resources, Maps and Geography, Family and Clan Associations, Databases and Search Engines and more.

Irish Genealogy: FIANNA Study Group Guide to Research
Irish genealogical information and sources, surnames, biographies, publications, emigrants, ships lists, counties & links

Irish Genealogy on the Web: presented by the Irish Genealogical Society, Int'l (IGSI)

Irish Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Irish History on The Web
Don't miss this page!!!Many links and articles on the history of Ireland....EXCELLENT!

Irish Kings: Directory of Royal Genealogical Data in the British Isles

Irish Roots Magazine HomePage

Making the Most of Newspapers in Irish Research

Latter Day Saints: Film Numbers For Ordering Irish Birth/Death/Marriage Records

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Emigration/Immigration/Ships Lists/Transportation

The National Archives of Ireland: Transportation Records
The National Archives of Ireland holds a wide range of records relating to transportation of convicts from Ireland to Australia covering the period 1788 to 1868. Online Search

The Olive Tree Genealogy: Early Irish Ship Lists

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Irish Names and Surname Homepages

Behind the Name: Irish Names
Etymology and history of Irish first names.

Local Names
Local Names is a forum for people sharing information about their Irish Family names. Search for family names of interest, read and add messages and notices, get updates about specific names, and add other names which you'd like to discuss. Local Names is a free service.

Surnames Lists: Ireland and UK

Clan Campbell (of Scotland)

Clan O'Doherty World Home Page

Clan O'Gara

The Great Keating Search

Keelan Homepage

Kelly/O'Ceallaigh: O'Kelley Family Network

The Kinsella Homepage

Loftus Family Registry Homepage

Clan MacAteer

The McCartyClan Homepage

The Official MacDermot Clan Homepage



The Maguire Clan

The Maher/Meagher/Mahar Surname Page

The O'Mahoney Society

McManus Clan Association

Murnanes of Tipperary



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Maps/Place Names

IreAtlas: Irish Townland Database Search Engine
Searchable database of the townlands of Ireland

Ireland's History in Maps

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Heraldy/Coats of Arms

Irish Coats of Arms
This is a collection of computer graphic representations of coats
of arms of families (or clans if you prefer) found in Ireland.

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Irish Researchers/Commercial Sites


Irish Family History Foundation

Heritage World: Family History Research

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