So What's in a Name?

The following is a compilation of bizarre, unusual or hilarious names I have
run across and jotted down while doing Federal Census research:

Sampson & Goliath Killer (Twins)
Tiny Lumpkin
Juicy Scale
Bigbud Bunn
Fanny Wacker
Fanny Butts
Fanny Rust
Fanny Pouncy
Exom Buttle
Green Smelly
Green Pines
Green Coffee
Green Moon
Green Dent
Green Bush
Green Paw
Green Banks
Green Bull
Green Barefoot
Green Rose
Orange Veal
Orange Rose
Orange Pride
White Pines
Pale Black
Puss Combs
Cinderella Outlaw
Cinderella Jenkins
Easter Cutts
Easter Shook
Wheat Pines
Rocksa Bell
Coolsby Flowers
Dicey Gooch
Indiana Mingo
Gundy Mutt
Mouda Mutt
Jew Banks
Binky Banks
Chinky Banks
Boston Wellborn
Vasseline Bedsole
Hay Turner
Pleasant Berry
Maudy Womie
Rice Poindexter
Heiler Rosemonday
Lycastus Ooten
Indianola Gorse
Balsora Belt

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