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Hi Loretta:

Thanks for your e-mail. The Waterbury family is one of my favorites. My data largely agrees with the material in your note. My data show:
1) The Waterbury (Waterbeurye) name first shows up in England about 1550 in the person of John. He lived in Sudbury and had a son William.
2) William was born about 1593 in Sudbury and married Alice (?) with whom he had 6 children. A devout Puritan, John, with Alice and at least one of their children (John), sailed to America in 1630 aboard the "Eagle" (later renamed "Arabella"). They settled first in Watertown, Mass, and moved on to Stamford in about 1646. There is a suggestion that William and Alice returned to England later on.
3) One of the six children of William and Alice was John, born 1621. He married a woman named Rose in 1639. However, my data shows some dispute that Rose was a Lockwood. In fact, some historians argue that there is considerable evidence to show that "this great mother of all the American Waterburys" was not the daughter of either Robert or Edmund Lockwood, but was instead named Purcell.
4) Jonathan Waterbury, son of John and Rose, was born in Stamford in 1653. He married Unice Buxton (daughter of Clement Buxton).
5) Sarah Waterbury, born 1677, was the eldest child of this marriage. Her younger sister, Abigail, married my ancestor, John Newman, in about 1690.

My data show that David Waterbury, a son of Jonathan born about 1655, married Sarah Newman, born about 1663. This Sarah had a sister named Hannah, but I show that this Hannah Newman married John Holly.

I've found some excellent sources of information: (1) "Jonathan Waterbury Genealogy" by Edwin M. and Grace A. Waterbury. published 1930 by Palladium Times, Inc, of Oswego, NY (LDS Library Film # 1321314, Item #9), (2) Genealogical History of the Waterbury Family, undated, by Gustave Anjou (Film 0908504, Item #5). (3) "The Early Settlement of Stamford, Connecticut", by Jean Majdalny, published 1990 by Heritagea Books of Bowie, Md., and (4) "History of Stamford, CT, 1641 to 1868".

I don't know how convenient it is for you to get data from the LDS Library, but it is the best place to look. Fortunately, I live in salt Lake City, and although not a Mormon myself, I use the library quite a bit. Interestingly, the first of the above sources purports to trace the family back to Andreas Wasserburg, born 1420 in Altenburg, Germany. He suggests that William and Alice came to Sudbury about 1550 as refugees from the ThirtyYears War. This author also suggests that Rose's maiden name was Purcell, not Lockwood. Anyway, it makes interesting reading. I personally have a theory that the confusion over Rose's name arises because there were two John Newmans who came to America and that "our" John was not the son of William and Alice at all,, but rather the son of Jacob Wasserburg, If you're interested, I'll trace this out in detail.
Again, thanks for your information. I'll make it a point to visit your website.
Best regards, Dick Edsall
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I have a sheet listed as Batch: F610019, Sheet 86, Disc 02592, Page 2786
Name is Du Fosset. I have atleast six children on this sheet. I only
saved sheets 1 and 3 listing only three of six children (including
Catherine. Marie Du Fossetwas born in 1511 and Waudrue Du Fosset was
born 1515. All children were born in Mons, Belgium.
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